Our goal is to create solutions and technologies that improve the quality and speed of the stream.

We are an IT project that helps streamers around the world to make the streaming process simple and efficient. We have developed a unique transcoding technology, which can be customized for any needs.

Machine learning can process any video format and codecs, starting with the most popular (H264, VP9, H265, AV1) and ending with the rare ones in use (Apple ProRes, X264, etc).

How it works

Using our platform you can transmit information over long distances without delays and loss of quality.

The transfer of content to users is as follows:

transcoding & CDN work info
  • We receive a signal from you in maximum resolution
  • Split it into several streams with lower quality
  • Transcoding to the required video and audio format
  • Transmit it to CDN servers and give it as a link to the video stream.
  • Broadcast the stream to your viewers


The technology never stands still, and we are as adaptive as possible to react quickly.

Resolution (Outcoming) Not Transcodix
From 240 to 4K
FPS (Framerate)
Push stream
RTSP (in progress)
SRT (in progress)
Icecast (in progress)
RIST (in progress)